Racine, WI

Racine, WI

Zoo Beach & North Beach in Racine, Wisconsin has four solar powered systems. Two systems are installed at the entranceways of North Beach, one double-sided system at Zoo Beach, and the fourth as a pier light only.


The systems installed in the entranceways of North Beach as double-sided, meaning it has a “scoreboard” design with traffic lights back-to-back. Zoo Beach has a double-sided system at the entranceway. The final system is a pier light only system that will be incorporated into a larger pier safety design the city is working to complete. 


Light operation

North and Zoo beaches in Racine are one of the few beaches on Lake Michigan with lifeguards. The phone application allows lifeguards to quickly update (override) all lights on the primary beach and smaller surrounding beaches as conditions change. They can then fallback on to NWS updates after-hours. Lights can be updated even when staff is not at the beach using our phone application.

System overrides

The beach lifeguards are not available 24/7, so the system falls back to NWS updates to ensure conditions are continuously reflected. Racine further paired our system with investments in more water safety technology, including water drones, quad-copters, and sonar boats after experiencing three drownings in one summer.

Type III Warnings:  

Water Quality and Dangerous Waves and Currents  

–  Video Courtesy of City of Racine PRCS           


“The SwimSmart signage has been a very welcome addition to keep our patrons safe during and outside of our guarding hours. The lifeguards have unanimously agreed that this technology aids them in their ability to keep patrons safe and keep beach goers informed.”

–  North Beach Lifeguard Representative                

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“The signage has created increased awareness of water conditions and increased interactions with the public, which has allowed for a better informed public."
North & Zoo Beach Representative

Safer beaches. Happier communities.

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