Ludington, MI

Ludington, MI

Stearn’s Park Beach in Ludington, Michigan has building-mounted SwimSmart systems installed into the facilities buildings around the beach.


Stearn’s Park Beach has building-mounted SwimSmart systems with multiple traffic lights on each building. The control boxes for each system are tucked away in utility closets and wired into the building’s power, allowing multiple lights to be powered off a single control system. 


SwimSmart as a service

After installation, one of the systems experiencing connection issues with a cell tower. Our team performed on-site services to ensure the system was functioning as intended and resolved the connection issues.

Customer commitment

Our SwimSmart team is committed to maintaining your system connection. SwimSmart uses remote dashboards to ensure the system is working properly to keep your swimmers and beach-goers safe.

“Anything we can do to help prevent unfortunate incidents at our beach is money well spent.”
Stearn's Beach Representative
“The system has performed flawlessly following an adjustment that was made following some issues with a signal that gave us false information."
Stearn's Beach Representative

Safer beaches. Happier communities.

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