Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven, MI

Grand Haven State Park has our most sophisticated implementation yet. See how technology will play a crucial role in all things beach safety. 


A landmark beach on the Great Lakes that boasts millions of beachgoers a year requires a whole new dimension of safety protocol. Grand Haven State Park is now equipped with eight Beach Rescue Stations spaced 300 feet apart and 100 feet from the waterline. They are supported by an array of blue light stations equipped with cameras and loudspeakers. Providing a whole new level of insight and control in emergency situations.


Mobile Rescue Stations

Massive beaches like Grand Haven State Park require a more pronounced package to make a difference. Our signature beach warning lights have taken new shape; now visible from all sides. These cylindrical rescue stations are mounted on top of a gigantic screw. The screws dig deep under the beach providing a solid foundation despite the volatility of the beach. If required the tower can be unhooked, the screw moved, and the entire unit seamlessly transitions to a new location.

Triggered Life Ring Cabinets

Each tower is equipped with a cabinet containing a life ring and rope. If a water emergency occurs, rescuers can access these cabinets for the most critical tool in that moment - flotation. The electronically-triggered Life Ring Cabinet (LRC) alerts first responders that an emergency is in progress. If equipped, first responders will then gain access to important context such as audio and video feeds, location and timestamp, including weather and wave conditions.

"Staff here on-site with a mobile device or from a computer, or even remote control, ... were able to push a button with that press of the button; within seconds, all eight lights will update to current conditions."
Grand Haven State Park Representative
“This innovative, technology-based system features two types of towers visible along the Grand Haven swim beach, marking the first state park location for this initiative.”
Grand Haven State Park Representative

Safer beaches. Happier communities.

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