Door County, WI

Door County, WI

Door County features one of the most robust water quality testing programs in the country. Dozens of beach managers around Door County work hand-in-hand with it’s testing laboratory to warn swimmers on health hazards. By utilizing SwimSmart signage all public postings are rapid and consolidated in one real-time application. 

CASE STUDY: Door County, Wisconsin

Door County Wisconsin is a peninsula which hosts over 60 beaches attracting millions of tourists every year. Sampling, testing, and reporting water quality hazards poses a major challenge for the various managing authorities. Testing laboratories work with beaches that span multiple municipalities which can make coordination difficult. 


Real Time Notification

There exists a time delay between receiving water quality lab results and having staff drive to the location to change warning signs. The electronic platform allows for instantaneous changes in hazard level using one centralized phone application. Removing one half of the logistical challenge in water quality testing can alleviate staffing shortage burdens. Removing notification delays allows for faster transitions to and from advisories and closures providing more utility to rapid reporting tests such as PCR.

Simplifying Ownership

Software updates, firmware updates, configuration updates, changing cell coverage, and obsolete equipment are but some of the myriad of IT issues associated with managing technology solutions. All SwimSmart products are bundled with a software service plan which covers these problems and more. Allow us to handle the day to day connectivity so that your team can focus on public health.

"[The signs] have been an excellent addition to a comprehensive water monitoring program. The signs have increased the speed we can notify the public of changing water quality conditions, increased user satisfaction, and have made the County more responsive to beach users. The technology allows almost simultaneous synergy between the laboratory results and the notification at beaches many miles away."
Dr. Greg Kleinheinz, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
“The [signs] were a great addition to the Door County Beach Monitoring Program. The signs gave community members instant knowledge of water conditions and whether or not it was safe to swim. This was a great addition to keep our beachgoers safe throughout the summer months. Additionally, the SwimSmart team was fantastic to work with and the app was user friendly!”
Door County Department of Health and Human Services

Safer beaches. Happier communities.

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