Muskegon, MI

Muskegon, MI

Pere Marquette Beach in Muskegon, Michigan the first in the country to adopt the SwimSmart electronic warning system.


Pere Marquette has been plagued with recurring rip and structural current drownings. After considering implementing a flag-based warning system the city quickly learned the immense maintenance associated with it. 

Pere Marquette has installed two hard-wired systems, one installed in each building on either end of the beach. Each system has one traffic light and one red beacon mounted on the roof of the building. 


Automatic updates

After experiencing a few drowning incidents, Muskegon was considering implementing a flag system, but was concerned with the amount of daily maintenance required. They utilize the SwimSmart system with NWS autonomy to provide the public with timely warnings.

The impact

With the SwimSmart system, Muskegon has a hands-off role with automation through the bulk of the season.

“We wanted to provide visitors with real-time information so they can make informed decisions about water safety."
Pere Marquette Beach Representative
“We enjoy the hands off nature and automation. There is generally very little need for action during the bulk of the season."
Pere Marquette Beach Representative

Safer beaches. Happier communities.

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