Manistee, MI

Manistee, MI

1st Street & 5th Avenue Beaches in Manistee, Michigan have SwimSmart systems mounted into the facilities building at each beach.


Manistee, MI uses a building-mounted SwimSmart system at both the 1st Street & 5th Avenue Beaches. Each of the beaches has two traffic lights. 


Ensuring safety

Prior to SwimSmart, Manistee utilized a beach safety flag program that required local police to change the flag every morning and sometimes multiple times per day. With the NWS autonomy of the SwimSmart system, the city can utilize a hands-free safety feature that keeps the public safe and the first responders focused on emergencies.

Community engagement

The local police department followed up the installation with an educational campaign at all local schools. Manistee community members, including school-aged kids have enjoyed learning about the system and explaining the meaning behind each of the red, yellow, and green lights.

“The SwimSmart system has drawn a lot more attention to beach safety.”
1st Street & 5th Avenue Representative
“A near drowning forced us to assess our current practices and resources. Police put out the flags, but due to call volume, they were often unable to put out the correct flag. The SwimSmart System has created a more sustainable, consistent beach safety system."
1st Street & 5th Avenue Beach Representative

Safer beaches. Happier communities.

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