How it works

How it works

Real-time warnings. On duty 24/7.

SwimSmart Warning System

Meet the new standard in beach safety technology.

Clear communication

Standardized beach warning signage

Intuitive lights

Uses universal traffic light concept

Secure & reliable

24/7 device monitoring, 365 days a year

SwimSmart beach safety warning light system signage powered by solar energy
Connected Forecast

Auto updates from NWS swim forecasts

Built-in backup

Redundant cellular network fallback

Energy options

Choose hardwired or solar powered

 Hazard Classification

Each beach is unique and experiences different hazards. We offer three hazard classification classes to choose from all using the same standardized format.

Type I:

Dangerous Waves/Currents

Type II:

Water Quality Advisories

Type III:

Dangerous Waves/Currents and Water Quality 

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental injury death in kids 1-4 and #2 in kids 15 and under. 11 people drown in the U.S. every day.
It's time to SwimSmart.

Complete control

The SwimSmart warning system allows for manual override if conditions warrant so.

Certified product

SwimSmart uses high quality components—our control boxes are MET listed and UL 508A compliant.

Power plan

Solar assemblies can be the primary of backup power source, enabling SwimSmart operable even at the most remote beaches!

High visibility

SwimSmart’s traffic lights are designed for high directivity—allowing them to be seen from thousands of feet away, even in broad daylight.

Familiar Signage

Many tourists do not understand the meaning behind safety flags. We are commonly taught about traffic lights as kids and the importance of obeying this safety measure. We are reusing traditional beach safety flag language for a clean transition.

“Our experience working with [SwimSmart] utilizing technology to enhance our beach experience for residents, guests, and visitors has been great."
City of Frankfort Representative

Constant connection

All SwimSmart systems are connected to the internet through a combination of cellular, ethernet, or fiber networks. As the backbone, cellular communication is secure and reliable, allowing for peace of mind on system integrity.

SwimSmart uses advanced long-range 5G radios and powerful antennas to connect in locations where others can’t. Our devices come standard with a dual SIM option, allowing for a fallback network if one operator is down.

Optional features

Solar Power

As an off-grid or backup power source

Pier lights

Warn swimmers of dangerous pier conditions

Compact marine weather station

Collect actionable weather data on your beach

Double red lights

Close the beach to swimming with two red lights

Invest in the safety of your community