Frankfort, MI

Frankfort, MI

Anchor Road Beach in Frankfort, Michigan has solar-powered SwimSmart systems: one at the entrance near the parking lot and the other next to the pier.


The entranceway system was our legacy solar design when we first started as a business. Since then, the system has morphed into the scoreboard design. Frankfort’s system features a pier light which is a manual toggle on/off red light that specifically indicates whether the pier is closed due to dangerous conditions.


Light overrides

There is no NWS forecast for pier safety, thus, the city maintains that light entirely. Frankfort commonly overrides their primary (red-yellow-green) light and uses a camera on their pier to confirm the weather conditions against what the NWS is forecasting.

Real time data

Frankfort also has the first weather station upgrade which collects real time weather data (wind speed and direction, humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure) of their beach. This information is displayed in the phone app so the user can make more informed decisions on overriding.

“I, and the community became more aware of weather conditions and forecasts and how it impacts beach and swimmer safety. Jacob has been great, resolving any issues experienced.”
Anchor Road Beach Representative
“Once we learned about this technology, we knew this was the product for our community. We added a camera on the lighthouse. This has helped us determine if the forecast is accurate based on real conditions. Also, adding the pier light component has been an enhancement.”
Anchor Road Beach Representative

Safer beaches. Happier communities.

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