Swim Risk Calculator

SwimSmart Swim Risk Calculator low risk screen

Swim Risk Calculator

The Swim Risk Calculator is a tool used to calculate a swim risk estimate based on various weather data. It should be noted that this calculator should not be the sole determinant when calculating a swim risk level. There are many other factors that can impact swim risk that this calculator will not capture. This software is free to use and disseminate for non-commercial reasons.

Simple calculator format

The swim risk calculator computes a weighted swim risk calculation based on various weather parameters. The output is merely for guidance and should not be the sole determinant in setting your risk level.

SwimSmart Swim Risk Calculator

Point-by-point breakdown

The calculator outputs the prescribed points depending on the input values. The point system is based off of the swim risk checklist outlined in the user guide.

Clear risk output

The calculator determines the risk output based on the swim risk checklists point system. There are four risk possibilities: low, moderate, high, and extreme risk.

SwimSmart Swim Risk Calculator low risk screen

Input error checking

The calculator offers error checking to ensure the input values are feasible. An error prompt will appear when an error has occurred.

Easily calculate swim risk.