Beach Commander App

SwimSmart Beach Commander android app control panel screen

Beach Commander App

The Beach Commander app is available to SwimSmart Warning System owners and operators. It allows users to easily monitor and control their safety systems from their phone.

Secure login

Beach commander allows individual users to create their own account credentials to access their warning system user interface.

SwimSmart Beach Commander android app login screen
SwimSmart Beach Commander android app control panel screen

Control panel

One centralized location to manage and view all of your organizations devices. Devices can be filtered by custom groups for easy viewing. Scrolling text at the bottom displays the most recent NWS forecast.

Override control

Override the color, reset, ping, or configure each of your devices. The device control panel also gives useful information on how the device is performing.

Device configuration

Advanced configurations allow for customizing your device information for filtering, setting location, and time zone information, setting bed and wake times, and enabling additional product features.

User hierarchy

Add different users to your organization allowing multiple different accounts all managed by an administrator. Customize the permissions each user has over certain aspects of the application.

SwimSmart Beach Commander android app user hierarchy screen

SwimSmart control at your fingertips.