About Us

About Us

Saving lives, one beach at a time.

An estimated 70% of current-related drowning incidents on the Great Lakes occur in “red flag” conditions. We believe that even one life lost is one too many.


Great Lakes drownings in 2022


US children drown annually


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Our mission

SwimSmart aims to enhance beach safety through smart and connected beachfront technologies that can assist lifeguards, beach managers, and first responders in their efforts towards the greater goal of ending drownings in our communities. SwimSmart accomplishes this by:

Three kids play safely in water at beach

According to the Center for Disease Control, “among those [ages] 1-14, fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes.”

When it comes to beach safety, most communities are reactionary—they do not allocate funds until after a traumatic drowning incident. Beach safety standards are different between states and even at the county level there is little to no uniformity.  After a drowning tragedy, substantial search and rescue, litigation, and public relations costs can quickly eliminate any form of savings which can ultimately throttle the underlying economy. Until now there existed very few solutions to curbing drownings.

SwimSmart cannot promise an end to drowning, but we are determined to make a discernible impact.

The Team

Jacob Soter

The inventor of SwimSmart. Has a passion for solving water safety challenges using modern technology.
SwimSmart cofounder Andrew Barnard

Dr. Andrew Barnard

Co-founder of SwimSmart. An acoustics expert and Director of the Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics, with a vision to prevent accidental drownings.
SwimSmart founder Jacob stands in front of beach safety signage

We envision a world where SwimSmart warning systems and NOAA’s databases update the instant weather conditions change – in real time.

SwimSmart is proud to be recognized as a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador (WRN) to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Our mission is to work with partners such as NOAA to continuously improve our swim risk forecasting capabilities. Since the SwimSmart Warning Systems are linked to NOAA’s databases it is important for us to make these forecasts as accurate as possible.

SwimSmart’s ultimate goal is to make a discernible impact on drowning reduction in any way we can.

SwimSmart partners with the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium (GLWSC), who has supported our efforts since our launch. The GLWSC is the nonprofit community connecting and serving safety experts & water enthusiasts, educating the public on safer ways to enjoy the water, and encouraging leaders to take steps to make their beaches safer, including innovations like ours.

SwimSmart encourages all Great Lakes communities, residents, and visitors to join the GLWSC. By working together, we are far more effective in improving the safety of our beaches. If your organization is interested in partnering with SwimSmart please contact support@swimsmarttech.com.

Family playing in beach sand safely thanks to SwimSmart and the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium

Safer beaches. Happier communities.