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Safer beaches. Happier communities.

Display National Weather Service’s swim risk forecasts or local water quality advisories in real time through an intuitive traffic light.

Instantaneous beach warnings.

Updating beach conditions through traditional beach warning flags demands constantly dedicated time and resources. No community can afford an on-call, 24-7 employee to update these critical warnings at a moments notice. However, a lapse in updates can pose a dangerous situation for swimmers and renders such a system ineffectual. Allow us to resolve the glaring logistical problem in maintaining a beach warning program.

Intuitive light system

Many tourists do not understand the meaning of safety flags. We designed our system as close to a traffic light as possible, because even young children understand these warnings.

No manpower needed

Use SwimSmart on your busiest beaches to keep your lifeguards focused on the water instead of changing flags. Or place SwimSmart on remote beaches to improve safety—without human intervention.

National Weather Service linked

The instant the National Weather Service (NWS) updates their beach hazard forecast, the lights on your SwimSmart system automatically change to match. No flags, no lag time.

Constantly connected

SwimSmart connects your beach to the internet and uses advanced long-range 5G cellular routers to connect in locations where others can’t. Set up a second fallback network for extra peace of mind.









Integration and Extensibility. 

Incorporate a SwimSmart warning system directly into existing infrastructure leveraging on-site power, ethernet, or Wi-Fi.  Signage is most effective in high-traffic areas making it a suitable addition to your facilities.  Maximize the utility of your system by operating multiple signs from a single electrical panel.

Balancing budget vs. risk mitigation

With high traffic beaches, public safety is of key importance. Rapidly changing weather conditions, dangerous currents, stinging marine life, and harmful water contaminants pose a major challenge to water safety. It’s time to SwimSmart:

SwimSmart beach warning system signage at Manistee, MI beach

Racine, WI

Zoo Beach & North Beach

Racine experienced five deadly drownings in 2021 and made unprecedented improvements. See how Racine’s now a leader in water safety standards and how it’s lifeguards utilize SwimSmart to  inform swimmers both on main and remote beaches.

Water safety protocols. Streamlined.